This is our specialty.  When launching your designs in to mass production, you will require a pattern from a qualified maker.

Pattern making classes

Our classes covers following:

  • The theoretical as well as practical aspects of the creation of garments.
  • International standard measurements, physical and finished measurements.
  • Complete method of pattern production from basic construction system, the foundation to pattern, pattern production and development covering the entire range of style lines of gents, ladies and children wear.
  • Complete system of perfect sample making and manufacturing.
  • Sewing, fusing, finishing and all other modern techniques.

Learning Outcomes

Learning through practical experience providing individual attention to each student, the classes guarantee to fulfill their expected aims and target. Enabling them to face challenges in the field.

  • Delivers the know – how to create a basic pattern, independently item to item ladies and children figure separately for day – to- day garments such as blouses, skirts, frocks, trousers, shirts, t-shirts, jackets, jeans etc…
  • The student achieves the ability to develop the basic patterns and produce designs according to the fashion features of each and every type of style lines in garment.
  • Expertise in how to transfer the international physical measurement of size to size ladies and children, to create garments for standard size for international market.
  • Experience in creation of proper sleeve construction according to the type of arm mall and developing them for new creation. Technical know – how of collar construction, pocket size, openings, bands, yokes, panels and also introducing gathers, pleats and pin -tucks.

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